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Visual Artists

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Catnip is a visual artist who creates windows into alternate realities and dimensions. From acrylic to oil to spraypaint to housepaint St. Nip uses any type of medium to create canvases and murals on the west coast of canada, and soon, worldwide.

Liz Dailey

Liz Dailey taught high school visual art for 26 years in Ontario and now happily creates art in her studio and frequently exhibits her work in solo and group shows. Liz earned her honours BFA degree from the University of Calgary, B.Ed. from the University of Western Ontario and her Masters in Art Education from the University of Western Ontario (2011). Liz enjoys working in a large range of media that includes oil paints, encaustic oil, acrylics, conte, charcoal, chalk & oil pastels and glass fused painting

Louise Gloslee

“I am and expressionist impressionist multimedia artist Who lives in Powell River . I quasi represent in my work. What I mean is that I will paint a tree any color not always representing the actual natural colour. Movement light and colour set the mood and is highly accentuated. The theme of my paintings range from landscapes to modern off-the-wall colorful pieces. I believe you will see the joy in my paintings 3-D paintings . I like to express myself as lively and playful .”

Elizabeth Shefrin 

“I’ve always loved doing artwork. When I was very young we lived in Rome, because my father was working for Food and Agriculture in the United Nations. We were very happy there and my parents took me everywhere, including to all the magnificent galleries and churches which were also filled with art work. When I was in my early teens in Ottawa, my best friend Heather and I figured out that if we hung out at the mall talking for hours on end, our parents would fuss, but if we spent time at the National Gallery doing exactly the same thing they’d think it was great. And we looked at a few pictures while we were there. We’re still best friends, so something worked. When I was 19 and spending the summer in Rome with my family, I was having lunch with my sister at the home of a family friend. My mother phoned because the results of my first year university exams had just arrived in the mail, and I was devastated to hear how poorly I had done. As I struggled to hold back the tears, our host pulled a a big thick book off the shelf called Janson’s History of Art, and said to me “Almost everything in this book you can find here in Rome. I want you to start with chapter one on ancient prehistoric art and work your way up to the modern world, locating pieces from every era along the way.” And that’s exactly what my sister and I did that summer. Are these my formative influences as an artist? Who knows? I’m just delighted to have this opportunity to share what I do with many many more people than would fit in my living room for tea.”

Laura Balducci 

“My name is Laura Balducci and I live on beautiful Cortes Island, British Columbia. I believe that art can be found everywhere around us, if we just take a moment to enjoy our surroundings. I create art to inspire people to dream, to think differently and also to make them smile. These collections are no different. I came to visual art through my years as a hair, make-up, and fashion artist. Now I combine many materials and techniques, collecting items to paint or paint on, and using collages, 3D effects and any other medium that strikes my fancy! I’m very inspired by things in which I can find laughter in, in bright colour combinations and in objects that seem out of place or peculiar in some manner. I also spend my time in my garden and with my animals and you will meet them from time to time.”

Lorrie Thompson

Lorrie Thompson has been a quilter for nearly 40 years. Most of her work is collaborative, making quilts with friends for friends.

Her “vaginas” were made a few years ago inspired partly by a project her daughter was doing for Midwifery School, and also by a failed marriage.
An ode to her vagina, which gave life and much pleasure.

Susan Macpherson

Susan has been designing & handcrafting silver jewellery for over 30 years. She uses hammer, anvil and torch to create texture and add dimension to her pieces. She is especially known for her unique chain and the stories she hammers into the silver. Susan is originally from Vancouver, having made her home in Powell River since the summer of 2015.

Teresa Harwood-Lynn

Powell River resident, Teresa Harwood-Lynn, did not consider herself an artist until she began metal detecting in 2014. By combining her unusual finds along with natural fibres and other mixed media she finally found her creative voice. From rusted out bicycle seats to corroded belt buckles, she creates her own brand of weird, whacky and sometimes beautiful.

Sigalit Aharoni 

Sigalit Aharoni is multidisciplinary Artist born in 1964, Israel. She holds a BA in Graphic Design, a BA in Psychology and an MBA. Sigalit’s work includes paintings, collages, book illustrations and various designs projects using different materials. Her work focuses on the relation between the object and background. Her interest is to express motion and integration of an object with it’s surroundings by using different techniques to achieve an holistic experience.

Jessie Thomson 

Jessie grew up in a household that encouraged artistic expression. She has always been drawn to a wide variety of artforms, from painting to sculpture to digital graphics, and appreciates the differently outlet each offers. Jessie is strongly influenced by her surrounding environment, and her artistic style adapts to where she finds herself in life. She enjoys drawing inspiration from everyday events and interactions.

Lynn Strendin 

“I am a die-hard people watcher. Always have been. I like to take impromptu snapshots of the people in my every day life. Then I pour through my photos, hoping to find something that catches my eye. And before you know it – boom – the inevitable happens: I find someone I just have to draw. Often I see a story being played out. Or maybe there’s an event that harkens me back to my art history books. Perhaps there’s a group of people forming an interesting design. And then, on those real lucky days, I just might spot that person that has that ‘something’ that makes them unique and begs to be drawn. So I get out my pencils and paper and I do little else until I’m done.”

Autumn Skye Morrison 

“For as long as I can remember, I knew my mission on this planet was to share inspiration. As soon as I was old enough to hold a paintbrush in my hand, I began making art, and I have barely put the brush down since. Painting has taken me to distant lands around the world, and to the furthest reaches of my innermost heart and imagination. I paint in a dance between divine grace and conscious attention, and strive to “get out of the way” to allow each painting to speak thru me. With every brushstroke, I witness worlds unfold before me. Painting is my stillness and my rhythm, my teacher and my lover, and it never ceases to surprise and amaze me. Each canvas takes me on a journey, and as my paintbrush follows, I am always led back to my centre. I believe that the role of the artist is especially crucial at this challenging and exciting time, while the world is at the precipice of momentous change. We have an opportunity to transmute the shadow and pain that we witness in the world around us into visions of wholeness. Artists are map-makers, and those maps can help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. And so, I offer each of my paintings as a mirror; a reminder of our pure and good human heart, as well as our timeless divine spirit.”

Blake Drezet

Blake Drezet is a painter, author and theatre artist living on the wild west coast of British Columbia. Like much of his generation, he grew up with a gnawing certainty that something was seriously wrong with the world. Thankfully, he re-discovered that through love, self-acceptance, and creativity it might all, just possibly, be fixed. Considering himself a well-rounded visionary, Blake dedicated the last two decades to a free exploration of the artistic imperative. His way would wind through the venerable paths of painting, creative writing, theatre arts, and event production. In 2002 he co-founded Spectral Theatre Society in Vancouver, and in 2012 began the Vale; a utopian land-project north of Powell River, BC. The Vale portends the culmination of many of his greatest aspirations; as it strives toward being a genuine example of human-driven development in the direction of Peace, Beauty, Freedom, and Respect for all life.  Despite dubious academic records, Blake remains an eager full-time student of Life.

Susan Bornstein 

I Am privileged to be a part of the Great Creative Process. Learned ceramic art as Process Art in the 1980s. Studied Ceramic Art at Concordia University in Montreal in the 90s. Experienced in painting on clay and not having time to construct a clay sculpture I have called on limited painting instruction but a love of all visual art Processes to paint a Goddess that I built out of clay in the 90s at Concordia, for this exhibition.

Steven Grover

Photographer Steven Grover has lived in Powell River since 2010 after spending 35 years in the Vancouver area. His photographs frequently portray the natural world, it’s landscapes, plants and animals. His most recent photo project, Environmental Nudes is an attempt to artistically portray the nude female figure in local natural landscapes. The human form is used to provide a sense of scale in large environments. It also contrasts or mirrors natural shapes and textures in these places. Many cultures believe that our planet is overseen and nurtured by a feminine spirit hence the term “Mother Earth”. It seems fitting that the beauty of woman and nature should combine in these compositions.

Karin Birch – Salish Sea Silver 

Member of the Artique Artist Collective and Powell River based artist.

Caroline Jobe

Powell River based artist.

Meinsje Vlaming 

“Since as long as I can remember art has been the red thread in my life. There does not seem to be another way to make sense of my world. I have explored many different mediums, from sculpting to carving, from painting to collages, jewellery to costumes, dance to mime and dolls to puppets. Central in my work is a preference for realism, sometimes magic realism. Neuve Invention and the human figure.”

Candace Parker

Multi-media artist with background in ceramics, photography, law, sociology, social change, politics, tennis, making a mess. Lived in Northern California, London (U.K), Michigan, Santa Barbara, Vancouver, now Powell River.

Carly Tre

Spending most of her creative life jumping between mediums, Carly Tre has been a musician and part time visual artist since the early 2000’s. Being immersed in the west coast wilds, she draws much inspiration from natures divine form.

Giovanni Spezzacatena 

Giovanni Spezzacatena MFA aka Rabideye (of 1000 Tiny Magnets radio on CJMP) is an artist living in Powell River, producing work that is often abstract with elements of collage and relief often on wood panel. Giovanni’s background is in fine art animation and motion graphics, but has worked almost exclusively in acrylic, ink, wax, mixed media and collage in the past 12 years. He has a second show coming up in May 2017 at VIU (opening May 4 at 7pm). More info: http://www.rabideye.com

Ursula Medley 

Ursula Medley is a well-established painter, art educator and arts activist from Powell River who paints from life and has led numerous painting workshops in BC and in Italy. Her art employs traditional oil techniques. Her work has been shown at Comox Valley Art Gallery, Art Gallery of South Okanagan (Penticton), Two Rivers Gallery (Prince George), Evergreen Art Center (Coquitlam), Ferry Building Gallery (West Vancouver) Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Doris Crowston Gallery in Sechelt, Surrey Art Gallery, Malaspina Exhibtion Center (VIU Powell River) and in Venice, Italy. In Powell River her work can be seen at Artique Gallery and Tug Ghum Gallery.

Rick Sazon 

Rick Sazon wiretapped  Donald Trump’s White House.

Conrad Sarzynick

“I am an artist whose prominent medium is sculpture in wood. I am also a poet, collage artist, painter ect who has found himself performing publicly (and privately) on occasion. I create starting points for the imagination, capturing glimpses that peek around the edges, out there and within. When the opportunity arises, they unfold fully formed and strangely familiar welcoming multiple interpretations. And even though we do not always know what is going on, we do know something IS going on.”

Amy Robertson 

With over 15 years of experience with cedar bark, Amy’s creations embrace both form and function. WHile she has a number of influences, her primary mentor is Haida, and that is aparent in her work. Amy lives on Cortes Island and teaches from her home, sharing both her knowledge and materials every Monday night at her table.

Shaunalee Yates

Shaunalee Yates is a fiber artist known for her passionate quest of the perfect combination of colour and design. Her original inspiration to weave was on a back strap loom in Guatemala many years ago. Primarily a weaver with forays into Altered Couture, painted upon rescued furniture (The Sow’s Ear and the Silk Purse), one of a kind kimomos (East meets West Cowboy Kimonos), she now works out of her home studio, and is involved with the Artique Artists Co_op. In recent years, nuno felting on silk has emerged as a more painterly approach and tactile interaction with the fiber medium. Her weaving has also become more deconstructed with the goal of displaying the fibers in as close to their natural beauty as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the structure


We would tell you but then we’d have…

Sharon Dennie

“I have always believed that someday I would paint. Finally, three years ago, time and circumstances aligned and I took up the brush. Inspiration surrounds me; my family, my garden, my sheep, the landscape. Lately, it is flowers and their genitalia that capture me. Pollen laden stamens and sticky pistils attract my hovering brush as if it were a hungry bee.”

Chris DeCap

“I’ve been an artist for most of my life. I started drawing comic books in my teenage years, improving with practice. I had taken a course on textures of shading, and another course on how light and shadow work. In my later teen years I started drawing portraits. By the age of twenty I had began doing tattoos on myself and friends. Two years later I had made my way into working in a tattoo shop, and haven’t stopped since. I now run my own tattoo shop, called InkCap tattoos.”

Denise Gibbons

“I am a conceptual artist who works with fabric and found objects. I have also worked with video. I am fascinated with fabric, the textural feel of it, the allure of colour and it’s workability, all draw me to it. I like to present the viewer with a visually pleasing piece and then take them on a journey of the mind.”

Tess Kashetsky

“The ocean is my inspiration. I spend my time making art, paddling & beach combing with my two beloved children on Cortes island.”

Digital Gallery Artists

Paloma Vita 

Born in Paris, France to an eclectic family – a blend of Egyptian, Italian Jewish, Corsican and Southern France Gypsy – Paloma Vita was discouraged from pursuing art at the tender age of 6 when a teacher accused her of cheating on a drawing assignment. She still loved art and spent much of her childhood with her nose in her step-father’s art books – the Impressionists, Dali, Picasso and Renoir were her favourites. She then discovered photocollage/photomontage and was hooked. She spent many years carting boxes of National Geographic magazines around, which were her choice source for my pieces when, in 2003, during an illness that kept her home-bound, she discovered digital picture editing programs; she hasn’t looked back. Mostly self-thought, she does not claim to be an expert but thinks that fumbling her way through digital art programs has led to her developing her distinctive style.

Dave Markland

Dave Markland, born and raised in Paradise Valley, resides in Vancouver.

Adam Cramb

Adam Cramb is a Powell River based Visual Artist. His photography and mixed media work is fresh and bold and has been exhibited in Los Angeles, the U.K. and Canada. He has written for and been published in The of Eye of Photography and you can follow him via his art blog, DesWestCoast (Its Kinda Cool) or SAATCHI ART.  

Steven Grover 

Photographer Steven Grover has lived in Powell River since 2010 after spending 35 years in the Vancouver area. His photographs frequently portray the natural world, it’s landscapes, plants and animals. His most recent photo project, Environmental Nudes is an attempt to artistically portray the nude female figure in local natural landscapes. The human form is used to provide a sense of scale in large environments. It also contrasts or mirrors natural shapes and textures in these places. Many cultures believe that our planet is overseen and nurtured by a feminine spirit hence the term “Mother Earth”. It seems fitting that the beauty of woman and nature should combine in these compositions.

Sue Angle & Justice Schanfarber

Sue and Justice are a fun loving couple that enjoy sharing their erotic photography.