Expose Yourself – 2018

Expose Yourself 2018… March 22-25… That’s what we know… And, Robbie’s ass will def make an appreance… Again…
Thank fuck for that FABULOUS summer, right?! Fall is officially apon us now so it’s time to get in touch if you’re a party planning nerd. We could do monogrammed napkins and shit… Probaby… If YOU wanted to (and they were dirty)…
Anyways, dates are set(ish), collaborations are in the works, grant deadlines are coming and going… I guess we’re doing this?!
Also, 2018 is kinda exciting for EY ’cause it marks 10 years since our first show. That means most of us are older(ish) and wiser(ish)… We’re either way more or way less boring, depending on who you ask… You just get to an age where you’re like “fuck it”…
It’s good to include images on these posts so here’s a picture of Paul from 2017. This t-shirt hurts more now, doesn’t it? What a difference a few months make when you’re living next door to a couple of Trumps.





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